Lüttgens Polska Sp. z o.o.Sp.k.

A specialist in the field of thermoplastic parts

Lüttgens Polska Sp. z o.o.Sp.k.
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Lüttgens manufactures construction elements and complex systems made of various types of plastics. We produce over 35,000,000 details within a year. Part of them is produced using advanced hybrid technology, which allows to combine plastics with metal.

Currently, we process 410 tons of granulates each year, among which the vast majority are technical plastics filled with glass fibre, therefore, the elements are durable and allow for long exploitation. We produce among others for the machine, automotive, electrical power, and household appliances industries.

Main types of plastics processed by the company:

  • PA6
  • PA6.6
  • PP
  • PA+GF
  • POM
  • PBT
  • PPS
  • ABS
  • PC+ABS