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Hybrid technology

Hybrid technology, i.e plastic and metal moulded pieces

We specialise in hybrid injection, i.e. overmoulding of inserts made of e.g. metals or sinters. Due to their technical nature, moulded pieces are produced mainly using technical plastics.

hen creating hybrid solutions, we use materials made of metals and highly durable plastics, whereas we also pay attention to:

  • functionality
  • precision
  • high durability and resistance
  • electric insulation
  • gas-tightness

technologia hybrydowa

What distinguishes the hybrid technology?

Hybrid injection allows to combine various patterns and profiles into a single unit. What matters most in case of inserts is to obtain the best possible combination of an insert with plastic, however, dimensional accuracy, aesthetics of the product itself and additional functions depending on the purpose of the detail are also important. The automotive industry – one of our areas of expertise – was the driving force behind development of the hybrid technology.

What differs the hybrid technology from conventional techniques is the presence of inserts and, resulting from this, different construction of injection moulds, which must allow precise positioning and secure placement of an insert in a socket.